Tuesday, May 5, 2020

GoLang: Issues Installing Delv Analysis Tool

I've recently just started setting up my development environment to play around with GO.  My editor of choice is Eclipse as it 1) suits my development efforts, 2) It's pretty much free,  though I did opt to pay for CodeMix which has a very reasonable price of $29 per year as opposed to the competition.

I mostly use windows and the initial setup went fairly well except I was getting an error that all the analysis tools were not there.  I was able to "Go Get" some of the ones that were missing, but dlv just wouldn't install in that manner.  So I ended up checking out the https://github.com/go-delve/ repo, performing a go build and then manually copying over repo to my $GOPATH/pkg/mod/github.com/ folder, put the compiled dlv.exe into the $GOPATH/bin folder and then launched Eclipse.   No more warnings of analytic tools being missing.

No off to do something other than the obligatory "Hello World".

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