Monday, November 19, 2018

Generating a series of Previous Month End Dates for a given number of years in Oracle

A very short oracle query for generating a range of previous month end dates for a number of years

  with years as  
  (select extract(year from sysdate) - (level - 1) as year  
   from dual  
  connect by level <=  
    (select extract(year from sysdate) -  
        extract(year from date '2000-12-01')   --range of years sysdate to 2001 
     from dual)  
   order by year desc),  
 months as  
  select rownum as month_num,to_char(date '2000-12-01' + numtoyminterval(level,'month'),'MONTH') as month  
    from dual  
   connect by level <= 12  
 select last_day(to_date(to_char(years.year) || '-' ||   
 to_char(months.month_num) || '-1',  
         'yyyy-mm-dd')) as as_of_date  
  from years, months  
  where last_day(to_date(years.year || '-' || months.month, 'yyyy-mm')) < sysdate