Saturday, April 9, 2016

Google Domains So Far

Google Domains and/or Blogger still has a bit of work to do on their redirect.  The interface to redirect is fine, it's just that using the desktop times out regardless of network used, but with my iPhone, no problems occur with both m=0 and m=1 for the mobile setting (using WiFi).    Initially this setting worked when I first set it up, then it died.  

The problem is it isn't anything I've done.  It's just going to Google Domains, and connecting the Blogger account, and Google Domains/Blogger do the rest.

I've disconnected the the redirect and the old works fine, in fact it worked fine yesterday.  Today I'm having problems again.  so I followed the same disconnect/reconnect, and desktop chrome (and other browsers) are timing out.     

Since the iPhone can connect perfectly, mobile or desktop version, but the m=1 automatically shows up on the iPhone.  It almost seems there's something in the client detection that fails.

So this time I've disconnected it again, deleted the synth record.  and tried a standard redirect of to  This keeps the blog working only the redirect will not function.  when a custom domain is setup on Blogger, it disables in the standard {domain} url.

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