Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ransomware and the Importance of Backing Up Your Data

When should you backup your computer?  Simple, when the data you have isn't replaceable or it's not cost/time effective to replace lost data.  With recent news of a hospital paying out ransomware, its a good time to think about backup.  Not just data, but recovery.

I tend to have multiple local backups as well as a cloud strategy.  For local, one of my methods is to have a bare metal backup, which is a complete disk image.  This provides the capability of a complete recovery to the state in time that the backup was made.    Most of the data is in the cloud, which provides recent information.  I only need to perform a bare metal every few months or when I install a major software package.    One of the tools I like to use is Active@ Disk Image.  

(This is not a paid endorsement, just sharing the love of a great product)

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